Friday, October 28, 2005

Prado, part III.01

I forgot to mention Tiepolo. His paintings look like mid 20th century illustrative work, not dated at all. Found a book of his etchings. The man had mad drafting skills. Just incredilbe.

Will write more, but Sorrento is the land of expensive internet.

And thanks to Bill for digging up all the info about sacred milk...


Iva said...

John said, "Sorrento is the land of the expensive internet." Oh, but, John, it is so (underline "so") beautiful! You can tell us all about it when you get to places that have cheaper internet...if you go to Capri (and can overcome any aversion you might have to heights) be sure to take the ski-lift thing they have from Anacapri to the top of Monte is definitely worth having your stomach tied in knots. Enjoy!

Carol said...

Oh God, I said "tit" in front of John's mother.

You should add a Paypal contribution button like so many other bloggers have. I'd definitely contribute to a "keep John on the internet" fund - your blog is one of the highlights of my surfing.

(Okay, my word verification clearly spells out "crazy.")

Julie said...

Don't worry Carol, we've all said"tit" in front of my mom at some point - usually preceded by " tough". So that just makes you an honorary Hanlon ( how much of an honor it actually is I'll leave up to you to decide).

the hanged man said...

Carol - If my mom could handle the getting high and looking for a hooker in Amsterdarm, she can handle a little "tit."

I am flattered by your offer to pay to read this journal, but I'm one of those old socialist types who believes that things on the internet should be free. I hate places that expect you to pay to read their content, even if it is only a dollar or two.

Iva - Tit. Ooops, sorry. Yes, Sorrento is very beautiful. I took the windy road bus trip along the Malfi coast this afternoon. In my head, there was part of me urging the bus driver "faster, faster!"


Molly said...

yeah, yeah, yeah-principles schrinciples; you're keeping us hangin' here!! I'm jonesing for a John update w/ your take on Italy, man!!!

Okay, whining is NOT becoming at all.

Iva said...

Ah, John, I think you mean Amalfi Coast.
Your package from Italy has arrived.
I hope you are enjoying your stay are so lucky!
Oh, by the way, TJ took second place in the Student Congress Debate at the Wilkes Tournament on Saturday. Actually, he was tied for first, but it was decided on reciprocals, whatever they are.
I love you,

Iva said...

Please, Carol, don't worry about words...there are few that I haven't heard (or used) at one point or another.
And you're right, John, reading about getting high or looking for a prostitute didn't bother me, but I sure am glad that you didn't find one!

Julie said...

Well actually, Mom , it wasn't that he didn't find one. It's just that a man who won't let you break a book binding won't aettle for an ordinary hooker! :)

the hanged man said...

Oh yes, if there had been a whore dressed like a librarian, maybe with a few books in her booth, I'd still be in Amsterdam.

mrs. collins said...

Note to the hookers of Amsterdam:books = client