Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Quote of the Day

From over here, I couldn't tell if you were yelling or just complaining.

- Said to me by a co-worker, 2/7/07 1:28pm


Miss Stambaugh said...

"Stacey's Quote of the Day"

You are very naive.
-Said to me by a co-worker during a political conversation gone awry.

Julie said...

Well, you don't yell very often, so you must just have been complaining

Anonymous said...

I have not known you to yell for a long, long just talk with your teeth clenched instead.
Love you,

kate said...

where you work, the two sometimes go hand in hand.

quote of the day from about a week ago. a company lawyer was giving a seminar about what we can and cannot say in articles. he recalled a journalist he'd had to visit; the guy was jailed in malaysia for 30 days.

"Jail in Malaysia is truly awful. I went back to the Mandarin Kuala Lumpur. I felt terrible for him."

Julie said...

"talk with your teeth clenched..." Like father like son! ( execpt I'm not afraid when YOU do it!)