Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last Night

Before I went to sleep last night I was reading Time Out magazine in bed. Last year I subscribed to Time Out and New York to keep up on what was going on in the city and initially was quite good about reading each issue each week as they arrived. But lately it seems I only have time to quickly flip through, read an article of note, and then place the issue on the pile of New Yorkers I acquired either through a subscription years ago or when other people put them out for recycling.

After perusing the issue, I got out of bed to turn off the light, glancing at the back cover as I did so. It was a simple advertisement, white letters on a black background, the kind that leaves ink on your fingers and your unexpected fingerprints everywhere. I read the ad and it said:

We Will Bury
* Jewelry
* Watches
* Diamonds

I thought "That's odd. Someone has a service in which they will bury your valuables for you? Who would use such a service? Is there that much need that they can place an expensive ad on the back of a magazine?" I know our economy is not doing well, but people would rather bury their belongings instead of use a safe deposit box at a bank? And if it was time to bury your goods, wouldn't you rather do it yourself and keep the spot a secret?"

Wide awake and perplexed now, I looked at the ad again and realized it said "We Will Buy...Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds."

That makes a lot more sense.


erin said...

Does this service that buries your valuables also hide your money under a mattress?

Julie said...

I believe this is the visual equivalent of a "magic beans" moment

the hanged man said...

Lately, my whole life has been a "magic beans" moment...

Iva said...

Oh, John, that was so funny. I laughed and laughed. All I could think of was someone burying your rings, necklaces,and so forth and, then, when you wanted them again, having them say, "Ummmmm...we're not going to tell you where they are!"