Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Graffiti Murals in My Neighborhood

From this angle, you can see how the metallic gold paint in the background shimmers in the sunlight. It's like a Russian icon.

In general, I'm not a fan of murals with a message. Positive "up with community!" and "we can do it!" ideals are fine, just not in my art, thank you. I suppose I'm decadent that way. Just the same, I did like the image of this boy and the uncertainty in his step, so I took a picture of it. If we have to have propaganda, at least let it be well executed.

After taking this picture
I looked back and noticed a cool effect. Look on the left hand side of the picture above the construction site.

From the other side of the block, the boy seems to be walking on top of the fence. Impressive.

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Iva said...

The pictures are great, John...I especially like the one of the little boy and DREAM and also the one of the three animals lying down. Interesting!