Wednesday, March 04, 2015

40 Days of Lent: Day Fifteen

Someone has thrown paint on the Calvin Klein billboard with Justin Bieber on Houston Street.

I only know this because my office window looks out on Houston and I see the billboard ever day.  It didn't take long for the vandal(s) to strike - I think the billboard had only been there for two, maybe three days at most.  I can't think of this as defacing because I think it makes the ad more interesting.

Just as makeup is worn to accentuate features, something about the bright yellow on the black and white makes for a more interesting image.  It's not just that I like it when advertising is subverted but the splotches of color somehow make Justin look sad.  They resemble tears or little wounds; it's a shame red paint wasn't used.  The picture somehow seems soulful rather than just another empty advertisement.  I hope someone vandalizes the other half of the billboard and manages to create something artistic with it, too.

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