Friday, September 09, 2005

Images of New Orleans

Like everyone else, I've been thinking about New Orleans a great deal this past week. Anyone who knows me has heard me go on about how much I loved the city when I was there in January of 2004. It left its mark on me both figuratively and literally. The tattoo on my left arm (from which this website gets its name) was done at Electric Ladyland on Frenchman Street.

Below are some pictures from my trip.


Carol said...

Can I be the first to comment?
Love the photographs. Don't forget to visit Pere Lachaise cemetery when you are in Paris. Not so much for Jim Morrison, although it's bizarre enough to be worth it, but for the whole scene. You'll probably find lots of cool shots of monuments and telephone-booth-like mausoleums, along with the famous graves.
-- Carol Sulcoski

Miss Tanya said...

I didn't know you got your "ink" in NOLA. That's where my fleur d'les comes from, the same shop.