Friday, September 09, 2005

Miss Tanya Wins

Something in me resisted blogs the same way I resisted cellphones. Perhaps it was the word "blog." But when Miss Tanya suggested that an online journal might be a better way to communicate with people "back home" than a series of mass emails, I had to give in and admit she was right.

So this is one more step towards my joining the virtual Perky Pat world. Since this journal will be accessible to everyone, it will resemble my pleasant public face. (Note to self: NEVER post anything while drunk.) None of the odd stuff about myself that I keep to myself will be aired: my fascination with weird coincidences, my fixation on Emma Peel, bitchy comments about friends who have annoyed me. Think of this online journal as corporate PR, as opposed to the shredded memos that reveal how corrupt a corporation truly is.

It will be a record of my upcoming trip to Europe. Coming Soon: posts about getting lost in the Metro, developing stigmata while in Vatican City, and finally figuring out the meaning of life while in a hashbar in Amsterdam.


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