Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Images from the Sevilla Cathedral

Built in the 15th century on the site of an old mosque, the Sevilla Cathedral was created in a spirit of showing off, a celebration of Christianity's victory over Islam and the region's growing economic power. It is the largest gothic cathedral in the world, and in my opinion its beauty gives St. Peter's a run for its manna. The cathedral also contains Christopher Columbus' tomb, although there is some controversy as to whether he is actually buried there.


Julie said...

I can't see clearly, what is in the case? Also, how's work going?

the hanged man said...

Work is going okay. I stopped in today to be briefed by the lady I will be filling in for.

The item in the case was a gold container, used in masses if I remember correctly. I was more taken by the look of the large black box in the middle of the cathedral than I was with the material inside.

the hanged man said...

Sorry - I'm not sure if it is a container in the case, but is in fact a sculpture of a golden city on a hill.


Iva said...

I am so glad that you posted more on your blog. I was afraid when I didn't see anything new for a week or so that you weren't going to continue it. I have enjoyed it and am glad that you are continuing.
Julie asked the question that I was wondering, too. I could tell it was gold...I can spot gold a mile away...but your answer helped a lot.
Talk with you later on.