Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

No cards this year. Just didn't get around to it. I've only been back for a month and a week, and it seemed like something has been going on since I've been back. No the best excuse, I know, but an accurate one.

When I got home from work the other day, a package from was waiting for me. It was a book I wanted, so I figured it was a gift. However, there was no gift card, and the "bill to" address contained my name and address. "Oh God, did I go online while drunk and order this and now have no memory of it?" I know someone who that happened to. A box of books arrived from amazon one day, he had no memory of having ordered them. When he went to "my account" online, he saw that he had ordered them in the early hours of the morning after he had been on a binge.

Had I done the same thing? It was possible. I've been known to send drunk mass emails, especially after someone famous has died. But I have not been that drunk (ie to the point of not remembering the events of the night before) in a long long time.

I went online to see if I had indeed ordered them, only to discover an email from my sister Erin. The book was a gift from her and my sister Julie (whew!). For a moment I thought I might actually have to change my lifestyle. That was close.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday season and here's wishing 2006 is an improvement on 2005.


BlackCrow said...
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Molly said...


Thought of you on Christmas night. Yes, sometimes the McGuire parties were hard but I wouldn't have traded them for all the great memories I have of all of us hanging and laughing....Merry Christmas, to you and your family!


Iva said...

...and a Happy, Happy New Year to you, John. It was wonderful to have you home. I am sorry that Ann, Thom and Lowery were not able to be with us for the Holiday but, unfortunately, sickness does not respect people's plans. Ann and Lowery are here now and it has been a very nice weekend. We went up to Katana last night for sushi and hibatchi (spelling?) and had a delicious meal and a very nice time. Have a good New Year's Eve...I love you.

Julie said...

You know, john, since you've gone back to work you don't get to post nearly as often as we've come to expect. However, since I can't afford to do the Lorenzo De Medici thing and become your patron, I guess I'll have to take what I can get. Oh, and Happy New Year!