Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Random Things About Me (In Which I Finally Hop on the Bandwagon)

This list, like most things lately, has to do with facebook. I received a tag from my college friend Sue Starsinic along with her list of 25 Random Things, and before I could even finish my list, there was an anti-list article on (the backlash) and a pro-list article on Salon (the backlash to the backlash). Everything moves so quickly nowadays

In any case, here's the list for those not on facebook, and a distraction from the fact that I haven't posted anything here in over two months.

1. I’m a Gemini.

2. I dress to the right.

3. I like books (the objects) more than I like reading (the activity).

4. I believe I’m more at peace with chaos than most people…

5. …however, this doesn’t mean that I crave or seek out chaos: I’m not a sociopath.

6. I don’t believe in Freudian psychoanalytic theory. I think Freud was wrong about almost everything.

7. This list is not as random as it should be: it took me several days and a number of drafts to get it right.

8. I like the cool colors: greens, blues, greys. I don’t like warm colors: reds, oranges, yellows.

9. I painted my kitchen an orange-yellow.

10. I lost my taste for Chinese food after my appendix exploded.

11. I love thai food.

12. I like bars, pub culture, and drinking….

13. …but not as much as I used to.

14. I would like to learn to surf before I die.

15. I believe in love.

16. I believe the world is not so bad.

17. I live more in my head than in my body.

18. I’m not graceful or athletic by any stretch of the imagination, but there are times when I surprise myself and others. Rock-climbing, for example.

19. I’m an Anglophile, especially if you expand “anglo” to include all the lands they colonized.

20. I like email. I don’t like telephones. I don’t like the sounds they make, I don’t like talking on them, I don’t like how they interrupt what you’re doing and I don’t like how, after 11:00pm, they’re harbingers of doom.

21. I sometimes cut my own hair. If you saw me, this would not come as any surprise.

22. I’d rather be deaf than blind. Losing music would be a shame, to be sure, but losing literature, the cinema and all the visual arts would be immeasurably worse. Plus deaf people seem to be an insular, loyal community, whereas blind people need help crossing the street and often knock things over.

23. I believe biology trumps everything: it wins out over sociology, individual psychology, economics and spirituality.

24. I will have fries with that.

25. I don’t like games, apart from Monopoly, Clue, and poker.

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Iva said...

Interesting...your No. 8 and No. 9 especially. It leads me to believe that you don't like your kitchen.
Seriously, it was interesting but I think most of those things I probably knew.
Love you,