Friday, February 27, 2009

40 Days Of Lent: Day Three

What I Gave Up For Lent This Year

I gave up cursing. I could have/should have given up alcohol, but I already had made plans to visit a friend for drinks, and on Ash Wednesday, no less, so so much for that idea.

How am I doing? Well, okay, although I am aware that I've fallen twice, though each time I was quoting or imaging what someone else might say, so I don't see why their foul language should translate into more days in Purgatory for me.

One of the curses occurred while my friend Clare was telling me about her mother's various dogs. Her mom has a Great Dane, who has learned how to knock on the front door when he wants to be let in. It drives her crazy to answer her front door, only to see the dog standing there wanting to be let in before his time. Even worse, she has begun ignoring knocks at the door, assuming it's the dog, only to find out later that it was either a friend or a deliveryman.

This being Lent, I think the dog who knows how to knock at the door should qualify as a miracle of some sort.


Carol said...

You're giving up cursing?
Well, I'm fucking not, you cocksucker.

Um, do you even believe in purgatory? or is this all a pseudo-psychic hangover from your growing up days rather than a sincere attempt to reduce the number of days you will spend in purgatory?

also, they are bringing back indulgences. i just read it in cnn so it must be so. so whip out a goddamned five-fucking-dollar bill are curse all the fuck you want.


(i'm sorry, Iva.)

Carol said...

Also, I just want to say that I really love Lent for two reasons. One is that you can get those Cadbury eggs with the milk chocolate inside that I adore, and the other is that you begin to post every day on your blog and it's like having a little slice of John with my coffee in the morning.

the hanged man said...

You kiss you kids with that mouth? Whew - I can imagine the stream of profanity that bursts forth when you discover a ladder in whatever it is you're knitting.

Someone at work suggested that I should have a swear jar and drop $10 in each time I curse. "$10? Holy sh...Holy name!" "Well, you'll be much less inclined to curse if costs you $10 each time you do it."

And thank you for the compliment. In a better world, I would post every day, but, you know, it's a fallen world.