Thursday, April 09, 2009

40 Days of Lent: Day Forty


Not Graffiti Murals, But Drawings On Paper Plastered On Walls In My Neighborhood

Sadly, even more transient that graffiti murals.

The other day, my boss' wife was in the office. She walked over to my desk and said "I hate orange shirts." I nodded, a little confused because no-one in the office was wearing an orange shirt, but said "oh, yeah." She repeated herself "I hate orange shirts!" I kinda shrugged, and while I agree, I couldn't understand a) why the bothered her so much and b) why she was telling me. She then presented a number of receipts and medical forms, and I finally understood that she was in fact saying "I hate our insurance!"


Hope you've enjoyed this Lenten season. Sunday, I get to begin cursing again.


Iva said...

Okay, you lost me again. How does "orange shirts" translate to "insurance?"

Iva said...

Never mind, after I said "our insurance" a few times, I got the drift!
Am I dumb or what?

the hanged man said...

Not dumb, just a victim of homonyms...

Bob Fingerman said...

Sounds like she could use some elocution classes. Does her insurance cover that?

Julie said...

John, this is your welcome to the world of the hearing-impaired!