Monday, April 06, 2009

40 Days of Lent: Day Thirty Eight

I know that I skipped a few days, or rather, had three days in which I was unable to post. Spirit willing, but flesh is weak and all that. Actually, the flesh wasn't weak, but my internet connection was. I was staying at a friends' country house for the weekend, and didn't feel like writing and posting on my iPhone. This past weekend was about relaxation and hanging and re-hanging and re-re-hanging blinds.

Happily, this year is one of those years in which Lent runs longer than 40 days, so I will be able to make up the missed days before Easter. With that in mind, here's a nice picture of the Martyrdom of 10,000:


Iva said...

Ummm...I don't mean to quibble but Lent is always the same length of time. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday is forty days; you don't count Sundays, you know.

the hanged man said...

I could have been taking Sundays off? Oh well. Live and learn.

Julie said...

Don't you remember the stories about Dad giving up cigarettes for Lent and waiting until 12:01 on Sunday morning so he could light up?

the hanged man said...

I recall Dad stretching the Sunday indulgence rule to include all day Saturday and most of Friday evening when he gave up wine.