Wednesday, March 17, 2010

40 Days of Lent: Day Twenty Nine

Happy St. Patrick's Day From Jack Chick!

Spreading his message of strict dogma and intolerance to everyone - now in Gaelic (or "Irish" as it says on his website). I'm surprised it's not one of his anti-Catholic tracts.


wpbooks said...

Nice to know his "haw haw" is the same in any language. It's what makes a Chick Tract.....ever seen the movies made from those things? Found them on some obscure torrent tracking site. Sadly, they're camped up instead of being 'serious' adaptations....Haw Haw!

Bob Fingerman said...


the hanged man said...

WP -
I haven't seen the movies made from Chick Tracts, but I particularly like The Rapture and The Devil's Advocate because they remind me of Jack Chick's work.