Monday, March 15, 2010

40 Days of Lent: Day Twenty Seven

I have a friend who's ill and I'm worried he's not going to get better. I have another friend who's leaving town this weekend and I suspect tonight was the last time I'll see him. But despite being a middle-aged man, when I look at these images I feel a little less sad.

Thank you, Chuck Jones.


wpbooks said...

I think I see what you mean...but I felt the same way about you pal, and it may have been around 15 years, but the net here put us back in touch, even though we haven't 'seen' each other, technically. RTT was always a keeper in my book....damn cobras!

the hanged man said...

Yep - thank you internet! For both getting in touch with old friends and, you know, porn.

WPB - I wouldn't have had you pegged as a RTT fan. I like all three of the Kipling adaptations Chuck Jones produced (The White Seal and Mowgli's Brothers).

I also know I owe you a phone call - need to find a night when I'm not completely brain-dead after work. Just been superbusy lately.