Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This past Saturday I went skiing for the first time this season.  Because it was a holiday weekend, the slopes and the lifts were crowded, but conditions were good, the weather was perfect and the views fantastic.

I have never heard so many people talk about food so much. 

The topics of eating and drinking seemed to be tied with "skiing conditions" for the honor of Most Discussed On The Mountaintop.  We'll do one more run and then get Kevin a waffle, just something to tide him over until lunch.  When is lunch? Are we staying here or going to the pizza place?  I want hot chocolate.  Last night we had the best steak

A number of years ago, my friend Raissa told me about walking on the beach and overhearing people's conversations, most of which revolved around food: what they were going to eat, when they would start making dinner, wasn't dinner last night great?

For the record, I had a delicious Greek salad at the lodge before coming home, and discovered that French fries taste good dipped in butternut squash soup. 


Iva said...

You are truly your father's son...next thing we know, you'll be doing restaurant reviews when you return from a trip. Remember his telling Erin that, if she ever got to London, she should be sure to go to ASK Pizzaria? Mom

Pops Gustav said...

Have you heard the bit on Jim Gaffigan's latest record about going to Disney for vacation? He talks about how vacations revolve around eating.
"Why don't we eat something, and then we can go get something to eat? Then we'll go see that thing...they probably have a snack bar there, right? After that we should probably eat something. Then we'll get something to eat."

RicksterVC said...

Your blog was next to mine (Next Blog button at top of page), so I read your piece. Eating is a part of life, and a way to get to know an area. Whenever I travel, I try to stay out of the national chains and eat some place unique. And when I ski, I don't eat during the day but I'm ravenously hungry by the end of the day, and all I can think about is where I'm going to eat.
Good post, though.

the hanged man said...

Thanks Rickster (though I guess I should say "neighbor"). When I travel, as much as I enjoy eating - a skipped meal always seems like such a disappointment - I'm usually more interested in other things and food is usually on the run or an afterthought. I prefer having a meal in a pub or while standing in a sandwich shop and then getting on with the day's activities.

I can't imagine skiing on a full stomach.