Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Had dinner tonight at a bar downtown.  When I had finished my beer and food, the bartender was busy chatting with people at the center of the bar.  I waited, went to the bathroom, then waited some more.  Finally I called the bar on my cell phone, watching as the bartender tore himself away from the conversation to answer.

"Hi. I'm at the end of your bar. Can I have my check now please?"

He was not amused at all. He did not make any eye contact as he tossed the scroll-like receipt at me, took my credit card or returned the slip. No, I did not short change him on the tip.

For the record, he looked like this but with more facial hair.

Originally posted in a slightly modified form as my Facebook status.

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wpbooks said...

Genius! And you don't have to worry that he might have spat in your food! Makes me wish I had a cell phone as waiting for the bill is one of my dining out pet peeves.