Sunday, November 06, 2005


I stop in an English-style pub in Florence. There is a sign saying they offer wireless internet to their customers, and I see several unattended laptops. Great. I'll have a beer an go online.

So I'm sipping a John Smith and answering my email, when a voice behind me says "Excuse me." I turn and ask "Oh, were you on this?" "Well," he replies "it's my computer." I literally hit my forehead and apologized. He was nice enough to let me finish the email I was typing.

Yes. Free wireless internet, provided you have a laptop.


Miss Stambaugh said...

The second forehead hitting incident - excellent work John!

Keepin' your customers satisfied.

k.c. said...

well, if it were NYC, would anyone leave their laptop unattended, even for a moment? i might have made the same mistake. there were times at atlas, my office-away-from-home-office in my last year at your current home, when i was tempted to lug my laptop to the bathroom with me.

and what's a day in the life of john hanlon w/o a little forhead-hitting? i think you're in fine form!