Friday, November 18, 2005

Pictures from Paris

A huge "thank you" to Fenway Partners, Inc. for the camera.

Taking photos went through several phases on my trip. When I first got to Amsterdam the excitement of being overseas led me to take pictures of everything. I don't know how many redundant images of the canals I ended up taking and later deleting. While my camera had a memory card that could hold over 400 pictures, this isn't really a lot when you consider I was traveling for two months in some of the most photogenic cities in Europe.

The second phase consisted of me taking pictures of things/scenes that I wanted to remember but felt I wouldn't be able to accurately describe in my journal. Which explains why I got home and found a picture of a street mime in Barcelona sitting on a toilet for spare change.

Finally, as the memory card became more than three quarters full, I began focusing on things that I wanted pictures of. What would I want hanging on my wall, even if it doesn't really say anything about my trip or the place? I began to use my videocamera to tape street scenes and get a general sense of a place and the digital camera to capture images I liked in and of themselves. So my final shots are of mortuary reliefs with cool looking skeletons and eerie shots of buildings at night.

Below are some photos of Paris. The City of Light has gotten short shrift (so far) in this journal so I thought I would remedy the situation with some pictures.


Iva said...

Magnifique! Is the first picture near your lodging? Did I tell you that I went on line and looked up the rental company in Paris? It had some pictures of some of their apartments there and I really enjoyed looking at them.
In the one picture you that the Pont Neuf? The statue of Henri Quatre? I have a reason for asking that question...I'll tell you when I see you.
I am so happy that you enjoyed your is good to have you home.
I love you,

Carol said...

Gorgeous shots.

the hanged man said...

Thanks Carol. I wish I could take more credit, but it's a good camera, and it's hard to take a bad shot in Paris...

Heather said...

Welcome back! I can't tell you what a great diversion your travel stories became. Looking forward to more photos.

the hanged man said...

Thanks Heather. I will have more travel stories and photos over the coming weeks. I am glad that people have enjoyed this journal so much. It turned out to be a bigger hit than I expected.