Monday, March 06, 2006

40 Days of Lent - Day Six

We Don't Really Die, but Live Again! Reincarnation Finally Proven!
with assistance from ebay

Proof that reincarnation -- the idea that after death your soul returns to Earth and you are born as another person -- exists has finally been discovered. All it took was a quick search on ebay.

As with many discoveries, however, this one creates as many questions as it answers. First of all, why don't I remember my previous existences as a milkman, footballer, circus performer or Australian hippie? Secondly, why do I keep getting the same name? I suppose naysayers would claim that it's all coincidence, but the evidence is just too compelling. The name is spelled the same and everything.

Today's reading from the Faithful Words Promise Box:
Work! -- work for Him is blest;
Work as a favoured son;
Work till He gives thee heavenly rest,
And His own sweet "Well done."

(let me just point out the irony of today's reading, given that my job ended on Friday. I think my Promise Box is broken)


Kalli "Pops" Gustav said...

Wow, you've gone beyond Self-Googling.... you're Self-eBaying!!! So, honestly... how much did you bid on those records?

the hanged man said...

Well, the records have to come from Australia, so I think I'll pass. However, I wouldn't mind having the milk bottle or the footballer card...

k.c. said...

are you fishing for Lenten presents? blasphemer.

Julie said...

Well, you certainly LOOK different in each life! I wonder how you manage to keep the same name.

Carol said...

I think everytime you self-google, God kills a kitten.

the hanged man said...

But self-googling feels good! I just can't stop myself!