Monday, March 20, 2006

40 Days of Lent - Day Twenty

Where's Jesus?
John's Apartment Edition

The votive candle and statue were gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Collins. The address book was a gift from Ms. Stambaugh. The Last Supper rug was bought at Mammalicious in Lancaster PA; the auto league plaque at a bazaar in Louisville KY; the nightlight at a dollar store in the Outer Banks NC; and the tall candle at a bodega in Brooklyn NY. Proof that Jesus really is everywhere.


Julie said...

You know, for someone who considers himself a nonbeliever, you've got more religious items than Grandma had.

Carol said...

The juxtapositions make me howl. Curious George next to Jesus (The Savior with the Yellow Hat?). The Jesus address book on a shelf with a book about David Lynch.

God, I love you, Johnny.

k.c. said...

i like the glimpse of my old pottery in the candle picture. lovely.

Mom said...

Hey, John,
I have that statue of Jesus in my you know the one I mean? Actually, it is yours. Your Grandfather Hanlon gave that to you years ago (obviously, since he has been dead since 1966) and the statue of St. Ann and the Blessed Mother to your sister Ann. Sorry, Julie.
I also think Spell check is a hoot, when I wrote something about Brian Turner in an E-mail, it insisted he was Brain Tuna.

erin said...

Wait--do you no longer have wind-up walking Jesus?

On an unrelated subject, I saw V for Vendetta last night. It was pretty good . . . how different is the movie version from the graphic novel?

k.c. said...

you know, as "jesus" is at least a component of, if not the core of, your favorite curses, i'm wondering if all this jesus talk is just a way to soothe your curse-free status.

the hanged man said...

None of those pictures are posed, so the Lord's proximity to books about David Lynch (not to mention the Sex Pistols) and Kate's pottery is stricly accidental.

I'd like to think Curious George is there to represent evolution.

Erin - I'll email you about some of the major differences between "V" as comic and "V" as a movie.
I'm afraid the windup Jesus (he never talked) is gone, and unfortunately, Tokyo Pop doesn't carry them anymore.

Iva - I know which statue you mean. Eventually I would like to have that statue, if I could just figure out a way to touch it without getting burned...