Monday, April 10, 2006

40 Days of Lent - The Apocrypha Part One

The Alpha

This is a photograph of my first memory.

My first memory is when this picture ws taken. I remember my mother placing me in the tub between my two sisters. I remember my confusion - this had never happened before. I remember putting the washcloth in my mouth and sucking water off of it. I remember Ann laughing, and my mother's joy, standing above us, and the flash of light coming from her head.


Mom said...

"...and the flash of light coming from her head."
That was my halo, darling, you just didn't realize it then!
Love you...and thank you so much for all your assistance over the weekend.
Mom, aka St. Iva

Carol said...

Well, I was going to make a comment about your first memory and Julie's first attempt at masturbation, but now I feel cheap and pervy, after your mom's lovely remark.

Oh, what the hay.

Number 2 Sister said...

Um, John . . . aren't you required to get the express written permission of recognizable people in a photograph before you publish nude photos of said persons?

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: "Hanged Man" readers should note that John's sisters are not so weird that they allowed or (gasp!) asked him to print this photo.

(*sigh* Now I know how Paris Hilton must feel)

the hanged man said...

Number 2: (which makes me think of The Prisoner)
You might recognise which one in the bathtub is you (and you're so adorable in that picture!) but I don't think anyone who saw the photo would say "hey, it's the girl from the bathtub..." if they say you walking down the street.

Carol - that's just wrong...

Iva - what would St. Iva be the patron saint of? Crossword puzzles, black olives, chardonnay and rugs with fringe?

Mom said...

Re: Patron Saint
Given a choice of things you mentioned, I'd take Chandonnay! (Please see your mailbox today.) At any rate, it would be anything but the Patron Saint of Car Towers.

Number 2 Sister said...

Hey, a girl can dream that someone might recognize her from that picture, can't she?

I believe St. Iva would be the patron saint of people with mild OCD who feel it necessary to comb the fringes on the rugs (Love you, Mom :)