Thursday, April 06, 2006

40 Days of Lent - Day Thirty-Seven

Where's Jesus Part II
Streets of New York Edition


mrs. collins said...

It's nice to see that Jesus gets out of the apartment now and then.

Anonymous said...

The one Jesus looks as if he is checking the traffic before crossing the street...a wise thing to do in New York.

Anonymous said...

the 3rd one down looks like jesus is hot-footin' it down the alley way.....what's he up to?!


k.c. said...

i like the one on the Williamsburg Bridge pedestrian onramp. I've hung with Jesus there many a time. According to Him, He enjoys the breeze and the variety of hip kids on track bikes they can't really ride (increasing their chances that they will be hanging with Him up in Heaven sooner vs. later).

nice DOF on the 2nd and last ones.

Carol said...

When did you get to be such a kick-ass photog, Johnny?

I'm sure you don't mean to imply that Jesus = Garden Gnome.
Or maybe you do.

k.c. said...

oh, and were you laughing your ass off when you staged these (er, when jesus posed for you)?

sister of mrs.collins said...

Was He out shopping for new sandals for Spring?

the hanged man said...

As always, thank you to Fenway Partners for the camera
I forgot to include the above statement with the original posting.
Jesus seemed to enjoy his day out and for once didn't nag me about going to St. Pat's. He wasn't interested in new sandals - for some reason, His never seem to wear out - but I never thought I'd get Him out of the Paul Frank store.
Instead of laughing, the entire time I was taking these I kept hoping that no-one would bother me. "What are you doing? How come? What are the pictures for?"

Mom said...

OK...I'll bite. What is a Paul Frank store?


the hanged man said...

Paul Frank designs clothes with his distinctive cartoon animal designs. You would probably recognise the Paul Frank monkey if you saw it - his clothes are fairly ubiquitous. Next time I see you, I'll show you my Paul Frank Monkey Pirate watch.