Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Forty Days of Lent: Day Fifteen

Saint of the day: St. Joseph

The saint for today, March 19th, is St. Joseph: husband to Mary, father of Jesus.  He is the patron saint of the Universal Church, an unofficial patron of doubt and hesitation, and, one assumes, cuckolds (Okay, sorry, sorry!).  In the mid-1950s, Pope Pius instituted an additional feast day for "St. Joseph the Worker" on May 1st, as a way of preempting May Day, a celebration for unionists, socialists and communists.

I would have like to have found more out about St. Joseph, but every time I clicked on something on Catholic Online, I got a pop up window asking me if my Mac was clean.  I'm not sure if this means free  from sin or not.

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