Thursday, February 18, 2016

40 Days of Lent: Day Nine

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50ml - Trance-channelled Archangel Soul Sprays for comfort, peace and rejuvenation.
This crystal essence was given in trance to Jill Harrison by the Archangels. Spray this meditation essence into your auric field and breathe in deeply to help you connect to the Archangel Temples of Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael,This spray contains a blend of Frankincense, English Rose, Sandalwood and Jasmine essentail oils.
How our Soul Sprays are made
During trance sessions, Jill Harrison has been given the formula for these Soul Sprays, to assist mankind with re-juvenation and relief from negative energies, which impact on our ability to be the best that we can be. 
These essences are lovingly aligned with the vibration of the Archangel or Ascended Master. The Soul Sprays are made within a vibrationally prepared space, with crystals and essential oils. 
Each spray carries its own specific divine energy. 
The Benefits  of these sprays are:-
  • They help to dispel negative mental, emotional energy that clings to your auric field.
  • Boosts your meditation experience and helps to raise your vibrational energy levels.
  • Helps you to stop negative thought patterns. 
  • Helps you feel settled and comforted so you can achieve your goals more easily.
How to use Soul Sprays.
To get the best from your Soul Spray,  shake the bottle, then spray a mist in front of you. About three sprays should be sufficient. Then close your eyes and step into the mist, noticing how you are responding to the energy of the Soul Spray.
You can also spray these essences onto a handkerchief or pillow. Alternatively, place a teaspoon of the Soul Spray into an oil burner, and add some water to allow the energy of the spray to cleanse the negative ions in the air.
To use on someone else, ask them to relax and close their eyes. Shake the bottle and spray from above into their aura. 
You can use these soul sprays anywhere. Use during meditation, to help align your energies to a specific Archangel or Ascended Master.
As these Soul Sprays contain essential oils, do not spray into the eyes, and any residue that remains on the hands should be washed off to avoid contact with the eyes. Pregnant women, those suffering from asthma and those who are epileptic, should avoid using essential oils and only use essences after consulting with a medical practitioner or qualified aroma-therapist.
How do they work?
Just think about how different smells affect your moods. If a child throws-up on your carpet, imagine the feelings you have and the change of attitude. Same if you spilt a bottle of milk in the car, or a wagon full of pigs, off to market drives by you; or the drains or sewers overflow nearby. 
Now picture and sense the feelings you get when you smell your favourite flowers, or smell the fresh bread being baked in the bakery; or the confidence you feel when you find the right perfume for you. Our sense of smell allows us to affect our moods and attitudes, according to the different smells we encounter. The formulas for these sprays have been put together by the angelic realm, specifically to alter our moods and attitudes in the direction stated on the bottle.
Who is Jill Harrison?
Jill Harrison is an Avatara. An Avatara is a woman who has been chosen by the divine to deliver messages from the angelic realm, to enlighten humankind about what God really is; and how we can become spiritually highly evolved.
These Soul Sprays have recently been given, by the angelic realm.
Glenn Harrison, Jill's husband and twin-flame, partners with Jill, in a mission to help people around the world with enlightenment. 
Jill is available for channelled Archangel readings.
Warning: There are many charlatans around who say they can channel Archangels. The reality is, there are very few who really can. It is not for us to say who the charlatans are; but it is important to help you feel comfortable that Jill Harrison is the real deal. Just ask and you'll get all the verification and validation you need.

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