Thursday, March 23, 2006

40 Days of Lent - Day Twenty-Three

The 12 (actually 13) Apostles And How They Died

Peter: crucified upside down

Andrew: crucified on an X shaped cross

Paul: beheaded

John: apparently the only apostle who died of natural causes

James the Greater: death by sword, his execution ordered by Herod

James the Lesser: either death by stoning or beaten by club

Matthew: cause of death unknown, though there’s a cool apocryphal story that a group of eunuchs forced him to fight a dragon

Judas : committed suicide by hanging

Philip: crucified upside down; also rumored to have fought a dragon

Bartholomew: skinned alive then beheaded

Labbeus (aka Jude, aka Thaddeus): cause of death unknown, assumed executed

Simon: cause of death unknown, assumed martyred

Matthias (who replaced Judas when he could no longer fulfill his apostle duties): various accounts give his death as being killed with an axe, stoned or beheaded


k.c. said...

well, that's some cheerful stuff, johnny!

erin said...

Geez, you would think that it would be enough to skin someone alive, but to behead them too? Wow.

Interesting stuff, John.

Mom said...

I have never heard of Jude/Thaddeus being referred to as Labbeus. My education continues.

the hanged man said...

Kate - It just goes to show that it doesn't pay to be a trendsetter.

Erin - perhaps they assumed that skinning him alive would kill him but it didn't. "He's not dead yet? Well, we might as well behead him. He's making a lot of noise. That's better. What do you want to get for dinner? Anything but lasagna."

Mom - Some apostles have a fairly stong identity (Peter, John, Judas), whereas others are little more than "extras." Their faint presence, compounded by the various translations the New Testament has gone through, has lead to some apostles have several names.

Carol said...

What I'd like to know is whether you knew all of that off the top of your head, or whether you had to do some vigorous Googling first?

Julie said...

TJ just came into the room bitching his head off because they put magnetic theft prevention strips in his manga and they mess up the pages. You should be so proud!

the hanged man said...

Carol - it started when I was trying to see how many of the apostles' names I could remember. ("Thaddeus" totally threw me for a loop.) When I was checking one of my books, it mentioned some of their interesting demises - some of which I already knew. Peter's upside down crucifiction and St. Mark's X shaped cross are pretty famous. The rest I managed to find with just a little googling.

the hanged man said...

Julie -
I don't blame TJ at all. He's completely right to be pissed, especially if the pages were messed up.

And yes, I am so proud...