Friday, April 14, 2006

40 Days of Lent - The Apocrypha Part Two

A Good Friday

I went to get my hair cut at the Beehive Salon today, which despite the name, does not specialize in beehive hairdos. Even though I was 15 minutes late, they still kept my appointment. The Beehive is in my neighborhood, but I still managed to get lost. I had consulted mapquest and thought I detected a shortcut - God, was I wrong. Another reason I was late was because I had run into Chris, a friend of a friend. I had told him about someone I knew who recently had her car towed because she misread the street signs. Chris told me about the time that "Law and Order" needed the space his car was in, so they towed it and reparked it a block or two away. It took Chris almost a week to find the car.

At the Beehive, I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Clare there, getting her hair done in the chair next to mine. My preference for no-one I know being witness to my tardiness was outweighed by the pleasure of seeing her. Leaving the salon, I saw a crowd and police cars with their flashers on a few blocks away. It was a Good Friday processional, complete with a band playing funeral music, a kid dressed as Jesus who was having trouble with his crown of thorns and more fortunate kids who got to dress as centurions.

Originally this posting was going to be about "I wish I had my camera with me." But as I was writing, I heard the funeral music outside. I grabbed my camera (as always, thanks to Fenway Partners for the camera) and my keys (surprised that I had the presence of mind to take my keys) and went outside to take a few shots. A good Friday.

I couldn't figure out why the little kid in white had fake blood running down his head. He couldn't be any of the apostles; none of them made the long walk to Calvary. Then it struck me: he's the replacement Jesus in case the other Jesus gets tired. The runner-up. The Vice-Saviour. The pinch Messiah. It all makes sense now


Mom said...

Gee, who was the dummy who misread the warning signs about parking...did they assume that just because the sign said"Monday" that it meant street cleaning was Monday and Thursday and not "No Parking Monday-Friday?" These hicks should stay in their podunk towns and not come to NY.

Julie said...

So, Jesus has an understudy? Cool.

the hanged man said...

I wasn't saying anything bad about those who misread street signs. I was actually more interested in "Law and Order" towing Chris' car. That show really does run this town.

I imagine Jesus' understudy was mighty relieved when He went through with the crucifiction...

Mom said...

Hmmm.what does one say to an understudy Jesus? "Break a leg?" Just doesn't quite sound right, does it?
I know that you were not saying anything bad about dummies who misread signs...I really was just joking.

Carol said...

I like the way the teacher in the last photo is looking at you indignantly, like "who is this ped taking photos of our kids?"

k.c. said...

johnny, i'm a little worried about you.

1. exit house, go right.
2. go right on lorimer.
3. see beehive on left.

and quit thanking fenway for the camera! criminy. you worked hard there, they put you through a lot of misery (though not as much as they did me) and john what's-his-name picked you out a good gift, paid for with the money of some very unpleasant bizness people.

the hanged man said...

Carol -
Perhaps I should have showed the teacher my stigmata. Then she would have known it was okay for me to take pictures of the religious parade.

Kate -
The thanking of Fenway is both heartfelt and a joke. It reminds me of the hours of aggrevation I had to endure in order to take pictures of canals in Amsterdam, satellite dishes in Morocco and centurions with cardboard swords in Williamsburg.

Number2sister said...

Perhaps the kid with blood running down his face was the slave who had his ear severed by Peter ("the slave's name was Malchus": I know that because it's one of the lines that I have to recite each year when I narrate the mini-Passion play we do at Shrine on Good Friday . . . otherwise, I'd have thought that the slave's name was Vincent.)

k.c. said...

yeah, i guess i have a hard time understanding any "heartfelt" feelings for them other than loathing!