Tuesday, March 27, 2012

40 Days of Lent: Day Thirty Five

I spent almost all of today walking around the Mission District taking photographs of the incredible graffiti murals in the neighborhood. It's funny to go on vacation and do the same things that you do at home. I took photographs of murals, went to some bookstores and when the rain got too heavy, ducked into a bar (Irish, natch) to wait it out.

Not that I needed any proof, but I also discovered that I am my mother's son. My mother is a fan of returning to the same restaurants where she had good experiences or food, even if she is one vacation. The best example of this is when she and my father were in London and they ended up going to the same restaurant (Ask Pizzaria in Belsize Park) each of the three Saturdays they were there.

Since having the delicious salmon sandwich at Triple Rock brewpub this past Saturday, it's been at the back of my mind that I've got to get back there and have said salmon sandwich one more time. Goal was accomplished tonight, though there's nothing wrong with, schedule permitting, going back one more time before I leave.

I don't have many photos of today's journey around the Mission District to share, as the pics are all in my camera and I have no way to upload them until I get home. However, I will share the below photos with you. At the end of the day, as I was making my way to the subway to go to Triple Rock (did I mention how much I like their salmon sandwich?) I stumbled on the below murals. I assume they were painted recently in memory of Moebius. They made me gasp like a woman with the vapors. They they made me happy at how well they were done, and shortly after, sad once again that he is gone.


Iva said...

It is good to know that you are enjoying yourself in SF. You do seem to be getting a lot of rain though, is that a usual thing for this time of year there?
The Moebius murals were beautiful and you must have really enjoyed them.
As regards my returning to restaurants repeatedly, I guess my attitude is "I'd rather be safe than sorry." However, that attitude does preclude experiences that may be just as pleasant, doesn't it?
Love you,

Pops Gustav said...

It's really sad to think of all the graffiti that's going to be covering that mural a month from now.
And is that Bodé any relation to Vaughn?

the hanged man said...

Pops -
One of the things I liked about the murals in the Mission District is that they were relatively free of tags and graffiti.

I mentioned this to the lady at the de facto tourist spot/arts center, and she mentioned that most of the graffiti artists respect the work of other artists and don't deface what they've done.

So, fingers crossed, hopefully something as beautiful as the Moebius inspired murals will be left untouched for quite some time.

Speaking of fingers, man: our friend Bob suspects these murals were done by Vaughn's son, Mark. To which I say hooray and thank you.