Saturday, March 31, 2012

40 Days of Lent: Day Thirty Nine

Pop Up Mysteries of the Rosary: Part III The Glorious Mysteries

The Glorious Mysteries are the final part of the rosary trilogy. They present Our Lord triumphant over death and Our Lady crowned in Heaven.

Intro: The Family Recitation of The Rosary

Said to be the most effective way of saying the rosary. Note that the man on the right is levitation. I prefer to think this is due to the power of the rosary rather than a flaw with the pop up book. I'm not entirely sure why the face of the little girl on the right is so red. Expelling demons, perhaps?

I. The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

I particularly like the look of panic on the guards' faces. This is not a case of schaudenfreude.

You'll note, by looking at the one guard's spear and the other's hand, that the pop up figures were cut out by hand. I can't imagine a machine being that precise. Impressive.

II. The Ascension of Out Lord Jesus Christ Into Heaven

III. The Descent of the Holy Ghost upon Our Lady and the Apostles

I like how the Holy Ghost doesn't look like a realistic bird at all, as opposed to the human figures. It's more abstract, almost iconic or cartoonish.

Apostles with tongues of fire above their heads.

IV. The Assumption of Our Lady Into Heaven

When Mary died, her body did not decay, the reason being that because she was born without Original Sin. Therefore, it is Original Sin that makes your body decompose after death. Anyway, as her body was still in a perfect state, it was reunited with her soul and was transported to Heaven.

Some of the stagecraft used for this miracle. (In the book, not real life.)

V. The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Heaven and the Glory of All the Angels and Saints

The three members of the Trinity, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, crown Mary as the masterpiece of creation.


Pops Gustav said...

Hey! What, you quit on the last day?

the hanged man said...

Just haven't posted it yet...I will.

Iva said...

The Pop Up Mysteries...I don't think Mary's Assumption into Heaven had any relationship to Original Sin. I was always taught that it was because she was the Mother of God and her Son loved her so much that he took her incorruptible body to be with him. Now we must say, "That was a good son!" Mom