Thursday, March 22, 2012

40 Days of Lent: Day Thirty

Pop Up Mysteries of the Rosary: Part II The Sorrowful Mysteries

What are the Sorrowful Mysteries? They are the second set of five Hail Marys said when saying the rosary. They recall the suffering of that Mary's divine Son underwent for our redemption.

Intro: Visitation from Our Lady at Fatima

I have been to Fatima. I liked it.

I. The Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden

As it doesn't look too bad in pop-up form, Rev. Coerezza adds this editorial:

The Eternal God suffered for you, ungrateful, sinful create that you are! Will you not for the future try to love Him more and serve Him better? Think what grief of soul your sins caused your Divine Savior!

II. The Scourging of Out Lord at the Pillar

III. The crowning of Our Blessed Lord with Thorns

IV. The Journey of Our Lord, Carry His Cross to Calvary

V. The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord

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