Monday, March 02, 2009

40 Days Of Lent: Day Six

Indulgences Are Back!

Until June 29th of this year, the Vatican is offering indulgences in honor of the 2000th birthday of St. Paul (as opposed to how the Church normally honors St. Paul by having an ambivalent attitude towards women). Unlike the previous indulgences that so upset dreary fussbudget Martin Luther*, you do not have to pay. You simply have to, with sincere heart,

1. make a full confession to a priest (much easier than it was in the days of the Inquisition)

2. pray for the intentions of the pontiff

3. make a pilgrimage to a site dedicated to St. Paul

and you will have some of your time in Purgatory forgiven.

Not a bad deal at all.

*currently residing in Hell.


Carol said...

Perhaps you ought to say "currently residing in Catholic hell." I'm sure he's at the right hand in Lutheran heaven...

the hanged man said...

"Lutheran Heaven" sounds like a slang term for an unbelievably dull experience. "Man, I was stuck at the airport, my iPhone died, I already finished my was Lutheran Heaven, man."

Anonymous said...

I guess the only positive about Lutheran Heaven is that it would probably have good beer.

the hanged man said...

And nice woodwork, no doubt.

Iva said...

But everyone there has to wear lederhosen.