Thursday, March 19, 2009

40 days of Lent: day Twenty Three

Began writing this in airport bar, bit got into conversation with Tommy, a building comtractor whose wife was taking a flight from elsewhere in the airport.
It was one of those pleasant converations that makes me feel less alone. In the course of talking, I was able to make eference to a friend from high school's wedding, current misadventures pf a girl I work with, and something my sister once said.
I have to get on a plane, which I never like, but I feel less alone. And buzzed. I feel buzzed.


Anonymous said...

Was the wife taking a flight from elsewhere in the airport to the bar? At first I thought, "John's getting used to the new iPhone and making typing mistakes." Then I read the last line and realized the iPhone probably had nothing to do with it. Have a great trip.

the hanged man said...

Yeah, the wife was taking a flight on another airline, so she was at a completely different gate.

The typos are the result of trying to learnt to type on the iPhone, at which I am all thumbs (literally and metaphorically, because that is how you type on the iPhone).

wpbooks said...

That post makes me feel a little a buzzed....time for an egg cream! WWJD?