Tuesday, March 24, 2009

40 Days of Lent: Day Twenty Eight

Moments of Happiness

They're almost always unexpected and go by too quickly. You don't realize them until they've passed, but everyone has those moments that, in retrospect, they realize they experienced true happiness. I'm quite lucky in that I've experienced many such moments, but here's one that comes to me:

Driving from Wilkes-Barre, PA to Baltimore, MD with my sister Ann and my niece Lowery. We had a cassette of Jesus Christ, Superstar playing on the car stereo, and Ann and I sang along with the entire album while on the road. Ann can sing, I can not.

I smile involuntarily every time I think about it.


wpbooks said...

Which version? The Ted Neeley film soundtrack or the Ian Gillan of Deep Purple original London version of it? I prefer the latter much more than the former. It was a big hit at our synagogue growing up and all my pals knew all the parts. Someday I'd like to put on a version at the local Torah Academy instead of the dull end of the year Shakespeare play that's been a tradition for 40+ years, eh?

the hanged man said...

Ian Gillian version. Never really liked the versions of the songs from the movie.

Recently the musical was revived, with Ted Neeley playing Christ again, making him a fifty-something Christ.

The people responsible for my liking JCS were also jews: my friend Steve Gutin and his sister Madeleine.