Monday, March 16, 2009

40 Days of Lent: Day Twenty

The Seven Deadly Sins and The Punishments in Hell Awaiting Those Who Commit Them
according to Le Grant Calendrier des Bergiers, published in 1496

Anger: Dismembered alive

Envy: Immersed in frozen water

Greed: Boiled in oil

Gluttony: Force fed toads, rats and snakes

Lust: Smothered in fire and brimstone

Pride: Broken on a wheel

Sloth: Thrown into a snake pit


Carol said...

Two questions: how can you immerse someone in frozen water? Isn't that ice? If you try to immerse someone, won't they just thud against the solid surface?

Okay, that's three already, but here's my fourth: will the rats and toads be served with melted butter?

the hanged man said...

It's Hell - you'd be surprised what they can come up with. I guess I shouldn't point out the "dismembered alive" torture, either. Um...if they're alive they shouldn't be in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is the one in the center of the gluttony picture being force fed tongue?

the hanged man said...

I noticed that too. I suppose that's just to make the lustful envious.