Friday, March 06, 2009

40 Days Of Lent: Day Ten

There's an older man in our office lobby who recently had a stroke. He's surrounded by some younger businessmen respectfully gathered around him while he sits in a comfortable chair and talks. He speaks clearly though slowly, but because he takes his time, you can follow the pattern of his thoughts as he begins a sentence, veers off to make a dirty pun, which reminds him of something from his youth in Brooklyn, which he then relates to the ongoing current stock market panic. It's not much different from how other minds work, but because the stroke has slowed his thoughts to a speed at which he can express them and he's not being interrupted by those listening to him, I'm able to watch a slowed-down model of how consciousness works.

I don't want it to end, especially since he what he says is as interesting as how he says it, but his meeting is starting so now he must take baby steps into our conference room and close the door.

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Iva said...

I really liked that blog entry. I liked the picture it drew in my mind of the elderly gentleman passing on his stories to the younger people.
Being Irish (mostly), I have a great love and respect for the story tellers. Unfortunately, when I was young, I did not listen to them as I should have and I regret that bitterly now.
I am so pleased that the people in your office give him the time and attention he deserves.
Lovely...thank you for including it.