Wednesday, March 28, 2012

40 Days of Lent: Day Thirty Six

If you're taking your vacation properly, you should be doing things you've never done before or at least doing things that you wouldn't do in your regular life. For me, this turned out to be watching CSI Miami, a show that's interesting because it tries so hard to be intriguing and arty and cutting edge, but just seems a little silly. It's ripe for parody because the show is so over ripe, from it's bad performances to scenes that consists of nothing but exposition ("Why the DNA test wouldn't find that from his left hand which is why we're testing his right") to David Caruso's William Shatner-like performance.

But I've found myself these past few days lying in bed after the hotel's complimentary continental breakfast and watching back to back episodes. I suspect that after I get back to NYC I will never see another episode again. Otherwise, God help me.


Iva said...

I'm still chuckling!
Safe journey home,

Erin said...

I miss the days when The Soup used to make fun of CSI Miami. "I'll say anything" [whips off sunglasses] "they put on paper."


the hanged man said...

Yes, how sad it is that I've been watching CSI Miami and haven't seen The Soup in months.